What Sets Us Apart

Your Hometown Orthodontic Specialists

We consider our patients to be so much more than that; they are our families, friends, and neighbors. Dr. Bendick, Dr. Landin and our team live in the community in which we work, and we love seeing our patients at school, at the beach, shopping for groceries, and while standing in line at the Shake Shack!

An Environment where You Feel Comfortable

You and your family will love coming to visit us! Our staff loves getting to know each patient personally, and builds personal relationships with everyone during treatment. We know every patient’s name and will greet you each time you come into our practice. Drs. Bendick and Landin will call you when treatment starts, to check in and see that you are comfortable.

Orthodontic Care for Everyone!

We welcome the entire family to come to appointments. Young patients are excited for their turn to be part of our family of patients, and to get a beautiful new smile. Mothers, fathers, and even grandparents have started orthodontics in our practice! It’s never too late to get a smile you’ll love!

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