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“Dr. Bendick was highly recommended to us and we must say, she clearly exceeded our expectations. From the pleasant and personal attention to the detailed explanation of the process/treatment and efficient and friendly staff, I am pleased to recommend Dr. Bendick to anyone requiring professional orthodontic treatment. My children are very happy with the progress and so are we. How often do you hear children loving their braces and their orthodontist?” — Athena E., Fairfield

My daughter was a patient of Dr. Patty Bendick and I would highly recommend her as a caring, patient, and very accomplished and knowledgeable orthodontist. She was always available to answer any and all questions, and never made you feel rushed. Her staff is one of the best that I have ever encountered in an office and they were always willing to accommodate different schedules or last-minute requests for visits.” — Wendy D., Fairfield

“As a dentist, I am often asked by friends, neighbors, and colleagues which orthodontist I recommend. The answer is easy! Without hesitation, I always send those who ask to Dr. Patricia Bendick. I make this referral with great confidence.

“First, as a dentist myself, I know first-hand what excellent orthodontic treatment planning and results look like. Dr. Bendick never fails to deliver on both fronts. When in private practice, I sent every one of my patients to her—no exceptions.

“Second, as a mother, I have seen her excellent results with my own children. All three presented with different cases and needs, and all three have beautiful and healthy smiles and occlusions. The most challenging, by far, had to be my youngest who presented with such a jumbled mess that her X-rays puzzled even me, a dental professional. I was certain that the best we could hope for would be a finished orthodontic case that still required additional restorative work to achieve acceptable aesthetic results. But boy, was I wrong! With Dr. Bendick’s creative, yet conservative treatment, my daughter has a perfect smile, functional occlusion, and did not need any additional dental work. In my eyes, both as a mom and a dentist, this is a miraculous outcome!

“As a mom and a dentist, all I can say is thank you, Dr. Bendick. You are the best!” — Dr. Beth P., Southport

“We were referred to Dr. Bendick by two different friends. That was more than a year ago and we are so thrilled. She gave us a clear treatment plan, set our expectations accordingly, and has explained everything along the way.

“What we have been most impressed by is the friendly, patient, and prompt service we have received. My daughter has had a few unfortunate ‘happenings’ with her orthodontia, and all seemed to occur on holiday weekends. Dr. Bendick came in to meet her and fix the problems so that my daughter didn’t go days without her gear and derail the treatment. This alone is amazing (and by the way, all treatment is included in the upfront price, so there is no upcharge for this ... it is all about patient care and getting her mouth from A to B). The other piece of the pleasant service is how consistent it is. Every member of the office has been friendly and helpful, without exception. We have never had to wait more than a few minutes, and the staff has never failed to put my (sometimes nervous) daughter at ease. It has been a great experience.” — Dana M., Southport

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