Millions of people in the United States are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment.  One in four patients is an adult.

Orthodontic treatment moves teeth in the same way for a 75-year old as it does for a 13-year old.  Dr. Patricia Bendick and Dr. Melissa Landin want you to know that healthy teeth can be moved at any age!

“No one is ‘too old’ for orthodontic treatment,” says Dr. Landin.  “If an adult is self-conscious about their smile, orthodontic treatment can provide them with the same benefits younger patients enjoy – teeth that function well, and that look nice, too.”

If treatment is recommended, there are a number of options available today that make it much less noticeable than it was in the past.

“Thanks to today’s technology, many of today’s appliances are nearly invisible,” notes Dr. Bendick. These appliances include clear aligner trays (i.e. Invisalign) and clear ceramic braces, but even brackets used in more traditional stainless steel braces are small and sleek.

It’s important for anyone interested in orthodontic treatment to discuss it with an orthodontist – someone who first graduated from dental school, and then completed an additional two to three years of education in orthodontics at an accredited orthodontic residency program.  Orthodontists limit their work to orthodontic care – they are dentistry’s experts in moving teeth and aligning jaws. Orthodontists have access to the full range of orthodontic appliances, and can work with patients to help them achieve a healthy and beautiful smile using the most appropriate method.

Orthodontic treatment not only gives patients straight teeth but aligns the bite so that teeth meet properly.  A good bite makes it easier to chew and speak.  It can also enhance your appearance and contribute to your overall health because a good bite makes it possible to enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods.  Straighter teeth are also easier to brush and floss making you less prone to cavities.

In addition to the oral health benefits, patients appreciate the improvement in the look of their teeth and their smile brought about by orthodontic treatment.  We often notice the improvement in our patient’s self-esteem as they go through orthodontic treatment.  Our patients smile more brightly with each visit!

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